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Monday, 24 August 2020

Ten incredibly effective tips to help you get up in the morning


Some people find it incredibly difficult to get up early, especially those who love to snooze until noon on their lazy weekends. Some claim it just as impossible to get up early in a good mood. Though many of us consider getting up earlier a great challenge, it doesn't have to be that hard. 

1. Find a good reason to get up earlier

Before going to bed, check your to-do-list for tomorrow one more time. Rearrange your plans, so that the most difficult and responsible tasks would be completed by noon. You will notice some positive changes in your time-management skills as well because morning is the best time to be productive and successful at work.

2. Forget the ‘Snooze’ button exists and there is no such thing as ‘an additional 10 minutes’

Is that your alarm ringing? Then get up now! Immediately. No excuses. Sure, you think it’s better to snooze for 15 more minutes and ‘sacrifice’ your breakfast time instead, but such an argument leads to nowhere. As a result, you will fall into so-called ‘deep sleep’ phase and it’s going to be twice as hard to get up 10 minutes later.

3. A four-hour sleep cycle is just not enough

In the morning you will feel awful. Guaranteed. It’s absolutely necessary to go to sleep and get up at the same hour every single day. Also, you have to get enough sleep, which is no less than 6-8 hours per night. Oh, and one more thing! The same rule is applied to your precious weekends. But don’t worry: while it’s going to be difficult the first couple of days, thanks to a daily regime, in two weeks you will not notice any difference between weekdays and weekends.

4. If you woke up a little earlier – jump out of the bed

If you set your alarm to 6:00AM but opened your eyes at 5:40AM, don’t feel sorry for those ‘lost’ minutes. There' no use in going back to sleep. Try positive thinking instead. “Cool, I’ve got 20 more minutes to spare! In that time I can cook a decent breakfast, read the paper and do my hair."

5. Get up at the same time both on weekdays and weekends

Yes, it may seem like no easy task at first, but soon your body and, more importantly your brain, will get used to it. You may not even notice the transition. Plus, it will save you a couple of hours that you can spend doing whatever you like.

6. Jumping

Try jumping right after you wake up. Several jumps will help your body gain some energy. If you are able to complete one set of a rope jumping routine, go ahead and do it. Thus, you will help your lymphatic system combat those harmful toxins that were produced at night.

7. Stretching

You can stretch your muscles while still lying in your bed. Avoid fast, jerky motions; do your stretching very slowly and carefully. Try 5-10-minute stretching exercises in the morning, and soon you will feel like you’ve never felt before – positive and energized.

8. Open the window

Sometimes even after you have jumped out of your bed, you feel like your mind is still in deep sleep.  Open the window, or better yet, step out onto the balcony if the weather is fine. Take a deep breath and suddenly you will see everything oh so clearly.

9. Drink a glass of water

The best way to prepare the ‘anti-sleep’ potion is to add in some lemon and a teaspoon of honey to your water. Drink this morning ‘cocktail’ and go conquer the world!

10. Have a good breakfast

Avoid foods and drinks high in fat or sugar because they can provoke a ‘heavy stomach’ effect and cause drowsiness. Your breakfast should be tasty and healthy at the same time. Such a combination will serve as a great start to your productive day.

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